The Old Prison

Situated in the Citadel in Gozo, stands an old prison overlooking the cathedral square and next to the once connected law courts.  This prison facility was used in the 16th century by the Knights of St John soon after they arrived on the island of Malta and was last used in 1962 .  The prisoners placed in these cells were considered the roughest and loudest members of the Knights, to calm them down.

The Old Prison

Well preserved and almost intact to its origin, the prison is a fabulous example of the beautiful fortifications found on Gozo. The present prison complex has two main sections with an entrance hall that was used as the common cell during the 19th century.   As with most buildings during that era, the prison was built with a central courtyard and is surrounded by individual cells enclosed by a  narrow corridor.  The walls of the cells and corridor are covered in graffiti,  today one of the largest historical graffiti collection on the island.

Today the prison is considered a major attraction in Gozo and also a place where exhibitions are occasionally hosted.

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday between 0900 hrs and 1700 hrs


24, 25 & 31 December, 1 January, Good Friday

Entrance Fees

Adults (18 – 59 years): €8.00

Children, Senior Citizens (60 years and over): €5.00

Children (6 -11 years): €4.00

Infants (1 -5 years): Free



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