Mgarr Ancient Trades

If you have been wondering what one can do when on holiday in Malta this week, why not take a visit to Mgarr for a re-enactment event where  wheat harvesting, threshing and winnowing will take place.   The event is being held on Friday 8th July from 6 pm till late evening.

Entrance to the event and parking in designated areas is free.  The evening promises to be a real taste of Maltese rural life where farmers dressed up in period costumes will demonstrate the use of  authentic tools from that era.  Live commentary explaining the various traditions of these Ancient farmers will be conducted together with live performances including Maltese folklore singing, also known as ‘ghana’ .

A number of stands will be exhibiting rural crafts such us weaving  sheep wool, assembling wicker baskets and fishing nets by hand, and much more.  The re-enactment will also include indigenous farm animals typically found in Maltese farms.  Amongst these animals are sheep and goats that will be accompanied by farmers herding them. The evening will not be complete without a demonstration of the traditional method of making the famous sheep milk cheeslets, also known in Malta as the ‘Gbejna’.  Visitors are able to get a taste for Maltese cuisine where typical Maltese recipes will be prepared in an open kitchen.  Recipes include pigs on skewers, the Maltese Gbejna, bigilla (paste made with chick peas) and other typical outdoor foods.  Local produce will also be packaged and available for sale for those who wish to take back with them a taste of Malta.  House wine, olive oil, honey, seasonal herbs and other delicacies will be widely available in this lively evening of rural Mgarr.

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