Ġnejna Bay

Ġnejna Bay is a small bay located in the village of Mgarr, located on the west cost of Malta.  The beach is located in a secluded area just below a steep cliff.

Enclosed by clay slopes and limestone cliffs, the area serves as one of Malta’s few remaining perennial fresh water springs.  These springs run through Wied il-Ġnejna translated as the valley of Ġnejna, and is protected to ensure no illegal damming and tapping is conducted.

Leading down to Ġnejna Bay is Castello Zamitello, a Norman Style house built by the Baron Bernardo Zammit.  It is believed that the Baron’s youngest daughter Lucia disappeared on the day of her wedding about three hundred years ago.  A year later, local church bells could be heard and a vision of the missing Lucia wearing a nun’s habit appeared at the altar of the church.  Lucia told the village people that she fled her home because she did not want to marry the designated groom, who was an elderly Sicilian Count.  Lucia was later killed by a straight arrow whilst tending to the wounded in a foreign land.  The Castello has since been the residence of many noble families and also the site where Baron Francis Sant Cassia was brutially  murdered in 1988.  Today Castello Zamitello is no longer used as a place of residence but a very popular wedding venue.

At the top of the cliffs overlooking Ġnejna Bay is a Watch Tower called Lippia Tower, which was built in 1637 by the Grand Master Juan de Lascaris Castellar as part of the Knight’s coastal defense.  Communication between Lippia Tower and a nearby Tower in Ghajn Tuffieħa called Bingemma Tower was made using flags during the day and bonfires during the night, to raise alarm to the Walled City of Mdina to notify the sight of invaders off the west coast of the island. Another historical place of interest found on Ġnejna Bay is the Second World War pillbox, hidden to look like a typical Maltese farmhouse.

Ġnejna Bay is known as the artisanal fishing centre in Malta, where traditional methods of  fishing are still practiced using techniques such as lamps at night to attract fish.


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