Located between Malta and Gozo is the small picturesque island of Comino. Comino is the smallest inhabited island, only one square mile in size making up the Maltese archipelago.

With no cars able to drive on the island, Comino is considered a nature reserve with extensive flora and fauna throughout.  Today it serves as a sanctuary for many migrating birds where nature and wild life can mostly be appreciated during the spring months.

There is very little evidence of the history of Comino, given that the island had very few permanent residents.  In 1618, the Knights of Malta built a watch Tower, known as St Mary’s Tower in a bid to fortify the island and deter pirates from reaching  Malta and Gozo.  The various caves and inlets were critical in aiding this watch by providing a hiding place to further view and attack many unsuspecting pirate ships.

St Mary’s Tower  was subsequently used as a prison, mainly for suspected spies and errant knights.  The tower featured in the film The Count of Monte Christo in 2002 as the prison Chatue D’If improsoning Jim Caviezel.

Legend has it that over 700 years ago, a Maltese man called Kerrew fled to Comino after being rejected by neighbours because of religious disagreements.  Kerrew  used his mantel to arrive safely to the island of Comino, where he became friend with a hermit living on the island called Abulafia.  Kerrew was so outraged at his Maltese neighbours that he set a curse on Malta when he fled from the island.  Upon Kerrew’s death, it was said that the plague and many misfortunes took place in Malta fulfilling the curse set by him.

Today Comino is a frequented by many tourists who arrive on the island in boat fulls  during the summer season to enjoy the spectecular beeches and clear waters.  Comino’s most popular attraction is  the Blue Lagoon, a sheltered cove located on the west side of the island and close to the little uninhabited island of Cominotto.

Visitors who chose to stay on the island can stay at the only hotel located on this island, a four star hotel providing a mixture of accommodation alternatives.  The hotel is located at San Niklaw Bay, the pick-up and drop-off point for boats that offer a shuttle service from Cirkewwa on a regular basis.



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