Brad Pitt filming World War Z

Brad Pitt is in Malta for the next three weeks for the film of his latest movie titled World War Z.

The filming is taking place across different parts of Malta with locations in Sliema and Valletta being used on the first day. Valletta is a popular attraction for film makers due to the historical buildings and ancient feel the city possesses. World War Z crews chose Valletta as a backdrop for their depiction of Israeli streets.

The roads around Valletta have been swarming with production vehicles for the movie including large military vehicles that would have problems negotiating some of the narrower streets in Valletta.

Residents of Valletta seem to be enjoying all the excitement of the filming and many are being compensated for the disturbance. Some even are helping with the filming by allowing their homes to be use for certain scenes.

Brad Pitt was last filming in Malta during the making of Troy. This time he returns with Angelina Jolie and their children and is staying in one of the quieter villages.

Malta has been a popular choice for film makers over the years, with films such as Midnight Express, Gladiator and Munich being filmed here. Since 2000, Malta has also been increasingly used as a location  for television productions.

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