Travel around the Maltese islands can be entertaining, confusing and frustrating all at the same time. Major arterial roads generally have good signs indicating direction and distances, but once off the main roads navigation becomes more a matter of familiarity with the locality.


Since July 2011, public transport with buses in Malta has provided by Arriva. The bus network can take passengers to most parts of the islands.

The old Maltese buses were popular favourites with many tourists. They were brightly painted and decorated by each owner to make each one a unique experience.

Bus routes in Malta go to and from Floriana, just outside the main city gate into Valletta. The buses here go to all parts of the island. In Gozo the buses depart from Victoria (Rabat) to all  over the island.

Tickets are available for periods of two hours (2.20 Euro), one day (2.50 Euro), seven day (12.00 Euro) and night single trips (2.50 Euro). In Gozo they have  tickets for two hours (1.00 Euro), one day (1.50 Euro), seven day (6.50 Euro). Local residents receive a discount on transport.

Detailed information about the routes can be found on the Arriva Malta website.


The white taxi service in Malta can collect passengers from anywhere in Malta and Gozo except for the bus stops. In the towns and villages there are taxi ranks located and often white taxis can be found outside larger hotels on the islands.

The Transport Ministry has published on their website how fares are calculated and has published fixed fares for payment against travel to and from Malta International Airport, although there is a booth at the airport where you will be told the fare to pay for your destination and a taxi assigned to drive you there.

Before getting into any taxi, it is highly advisable that you agree on the price to be paid upon arrival at your destination. Maltese taxi drivers do not tend to use taxi meters and you could find yourself very surprised at the cost of transport, if you’re not careful.

Alternatively, there are a number of private hire cabs operating on the islands who often will provide a cheaper service when compared to the white taxis. You will need to either telephone for a driver, or visit their offices.

Valletta has an electric cab service in operation with the city. They also provide services from the MCP car park in Floriana into the city.

There are also two firms providing water taxis that operate around the Grand Harbour and Sliema Creek areas.

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