The Malta Experience

The visitor to Malta has such a variety of different places to experience that where to start might be bewildering. But help is at hand if you really want to experience Malta. Take The Malta Experience.

The Malta Experience is a video presentation that covers the different time periods experienced by the island itself. People came and departed but the land remained. It introduces different sites of historical interest for you to visit during your stay, from the cart tracks of prehistoric times to Popeye’s Village which was created for the Popeye film. And all this from the comfort of a well designed theatre.

How to find it? Easy! Once in Valletta simply follow the signs on the street walls and you’ll soon find yourself at The Malta Experience. The auditorium with its panoramic screen is a comfortable air-conditioned environment. Each seat has its own pair of earphones letting the visitor hear all that is said in their own language. The time seems to fly by and yet so much has been learned about this very beautiful island.

However, I would recommend buying the double ticket which will also take in The Hospital of the Knights Templar. Simply walk across the zebra crossing and you are there ready for another fascinating tour. Your guide will describe what life was like for the people who found themselves being cared for and those who did the caring. You hear of the quality and type of care given to those of rank and the rest of the inmates. In this place even the walls tell you of the history covering the people and what went on in the building through the centuries.

So if you would enjoy a good insight into Malta’s history then you must visit The Malta Experience.

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