Sailing the Maltese waters

For those passionate about sailing, Malta is the perfect island to do just that.  Surrounded by clean blue waters, pristine beaches and a rich history depicted by its architectural wealth, Malta is an idyllic sailing destination.

For over a thousand years, Malta has been has been a centre of seafaring activity in the Mediterranean. Today, Malta remains a popular sailing destination amongst locals and tourists alike. Sailing around the Maltese islands provides an experience that can be experienced at one’s own pace. Just 320 square miles. Malta is located 93 km south of Sicily and 288 km North of Africa.

Malta is a fascinating island at the crossroads of the Mediterranean for many centuries. On a yacht charter you can visit the nearby islands of Gozo, Comino , Cominotto, and Filfla as well and other very small islands that surround the main land.

Sailing around  Malta, one can feast his eyes on Malta’s rich history and architecture as well as it’s magnificent coastline. The fortifications around Birgu and Valletta harbours constructed during the era of the Knights of St John are amazing to watch whilst out at sea. In addition, the island’s coastline is full of bays and caves that lie in beautiful crystal waters, including the Blue Lagoon, attracting many yachts and boats every year.

If you do not have your own boat, chartering boats is easy and does not cost much. Many companies offer the choice of skippered, crewed or bare boat charting. Alternatively, one can choose to sail around Malta at a much cheaper cost and join the fun on some of the cruises organised by various sailing vessels scattered around the island.


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