Plan your trip to Malta

A speck in the Mediterranean on the map, the Maltese Islands are considered to be Europe’s most condensed tribute to history. Malta is one of those destinations that provides you with a little bit of everything, fun, sun, history and culture, and once your done enjoying the beauty of the islands, the beach is never too far away.  The beautiful blue seas of the Mediterranean waters warmly invites visitors into its midst with fantastic dives around the island providing  great visibility and wonderful underwater scenery. With very  mild tempestuous in Winter and an average summer temperature of 30°C, Malta is a great way to unwind.

Getting to the Islands from most European countries is easy by plane or boat .  A number of low cost carriers fly to Malta on a regular basis from various cities around Europe, making flight prices to the island very reasonable.  Similarly, if one enjoys traveling by boat, a number of different ferries from a number of places in Italy can easily be booked.

Accommodation prices vary making it easy to suit everyone’s budget.  One can choose from 5 star hotels to smaller catering establishments,   rental apartments or beautiful villas with a pool around Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Cuisine in Malta is varied with a number of restaurants available all around the island.  Many restaurants around the island tend to serve Italian or Mediterranean menus and a vast number of Sicilian owned restaurants can be found  throughout Malta and Gozo.   Malta boasts of some of the finest restaurants around Europe as well as a number of traditional Maltese restaurants where food is more affordable and local cuisine can be served.  When mentioning Maltese food, one cannot but mention the delicious crusty Maltese bread (hobża) baked fresh daily in old fashioned and modern bakeries everywhere.  Typically the Maltese tend to enjoy this bread covered in ripe tomatoes or a tomato paste and topped with capers, olives, garlic, black pepper and salt. Sometimes tuna or anchovies are added with fresh mint (ħobż biż-żejt).    The Maltese pastizzi tend to be a unique savory pastry found on the Island.  Possibly Turkish in origin, this small boat shaped  ricotta or pea mixture wrapped in a thin crisp pastry can be found  on most street corners and in village bars everywhere,  Generally eaten hot, Maltese normally eat them as a snack with tea and coffee.




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