September Wine Festival

For the seventh consecutive year, local Wine producers Marsovin will be holding a wine festival in Qormi providing a wide selection of wines produced in Malta.  Qormi, also known as Citta Pinto, is not only popular for it’s delicious Maltese bread, but also its typical village wine bars.

This wine festival, will be held in the first weekend of September, 2nd and 3rd September, from 2000 hrs until midnight. Entrance is free, with parking reserved within close proximity of the festival area.  This colourful and fun-filled festival will be held in Main Street in Qormi.  Surrounded by a display of Maltese traditions, the festival will also be animated by various local musicians.  Amongst these musicians are Maestro Paul Abela and Band, Maestro Joe Brown as well as a number of solo artists performing from three seperate areas.

Exhibitions, competitions and flower arrangments will be part of this fun-filled event.   In addition, a number of food stalls will be available where one can try out various typical Maltese dishes, including Mqaret, a date and pastry based sweet.

Those visiting the Qormi Wine Festival may purchase a custom-made wine glass, with the Qormi Wine Festival logo, to be specifically launched in this edition, for the price of €10. And for those customers who love wine and purchased a wine glass can also savour an unlimited supply of wines  on offer!

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