Notte Bianca

A popular cultural event will be held on the 1st October  in the very popular city in Malta’s capital, Valletta .  The Notte Bianca is the one night where Valletta’s history comes to live promising an evening of art, culture and more.  Some of the most important buildings, monuments and museums will be open to the public on this event until the early hours of the morning.

For the fifth consecutive year, Notte Bianca promises to be an unforgettable evening for the huge number of visitors it attracts each year. During this evening, the city is transformed in a festival of art and culture lasting throughout the night. The evening will be adorned by music, traditional folk dance and theatrical performances. Music ranges from classical pieces including Chopin to contemporary jazz and heavy metal performed by local artists throughout this wonderful night.

Exhibitions by young artists including one of the most popular paintings, one of the Caravaggio paintings, located in St John’s Cathedral, will be proudly displayed during this lovely evening. Shops will be open all night offering a selection of items, including a selection of Maltese products. Restaurants will also be open all night, offering visitors a varied choice of  cuisine that meets all tastes and prices.

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