Cruise to Malta

Set in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, the Maltese islands are the ideal destination or departure point for your cruise. A number of cruise liners throughout the year make Malta their destination of choice because of its irresistible charm and beauty.

The Maltese islands, also known as the Malthese Archipelago is made up of three main islands:  Malta, Gozo and Comino. The Grand Harbour is Malta’s main port, regarded as one of the finest and most beautiful natural harbours in the Mediterranean sea. Upon arrival visitors are welcomed with the outstanding presence of bastions,  built by the Knights of Malta.

Today, the port hosts over 250 cruise liners every year making up some  400,000 passengers eager to explore this gem in Europe  The main island of Malta has a modern cruise terminal and airport as well as an extensive list of  hotels, including well known 4 and 5 star international brands.

Some have described Malta as being the closest they could get to the Caribbean in Europe, but distinguished by its Mediterranean life style, narrow streets and delightful villages.  Only 93 km from the south of Sicily and 290 km from the nearest point of the North Africa, Malta is a great location to stop and visit.  The main island of Malta is only 316 square kilometers, making it ideal for those who wish to stop over for a day.  Many however choose to return and extend their visit to discover more of these delightful islands including places of historical interest such as Valletta and Mdina as well as beautiful beaches including the Blue Lagoon.


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