Between the 7th and the 9th October, Birgu will be holding a national annual event, known as the Birgufest. Birgu, also known as Citta (Civitas) Vittoriosa is Malta’s oldest Maritime capital and the oldest of the Maltese “Three Cities”. Located adjacent to the Grand Harbour in Valletta, Birgu is one of the most popular destination for lovers of the art, history and architecture.

This event highlights Birgu’s historical and architectural wealth, with various historical re-enactments forming part of this magical festival.  Thousands of candles will light the way through this historic city leading to various museums, churches and many other historical places. Visitors can feast their eyes on the architectural beauty of this city, including Fort Saint Angelo, the fortifications built by the Knights of Saint John, the Maritime Museum as well as the Inquisitors Palace. All these sites will be open to the public throughout this event, and entrance prices be reduced specifically for this occasion. In addition, various exhibitions will also be displayed during throughout the city.

The feast will be complemented by a variety of food stalls offering both Maltese and food from other cuisines.  In addition, a fantastic selection of restaurants offering typical Mediterranean dishes will be open, complemented by a number of bars and cafes .  Music ranging from classical to modern style music will be performed throughout this festival, making it a truly enjoyable evening to match all tastes and ages.


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